☆ Emi Tanaka profile ☆


Born in Muko-City, Kyoto Prefecture

After graduating from Koka Women's Junior College, worked at Iwatani Sangyo Co., Ltd. Kyoto Branch for 6 years

In the meantime, I graduated from Osaka Designer College

After that, graduated from Kodansha Famous Schools

Held the first solo exhibition at Tsukaguchi,  City in May 2000 at cafe de com Shetwa

Since then, the gallery, department store, hotel, etc. hold a solo exhibition almost every year

Works are also on the internet.


❀ I will try to draw works that can present good spirits and gentle feelings ♪ ❀


☆ Past major exhibitions and activities 

2001.8 ~ Osaka City Art Museum IFA International Art Association Open Call for Public Selection, Exhibition

Since then, exhibited in the above exhibition almost every year

2001.10 Suita City Exhibition Selected Works, Exhibition

2002.10 Suita City Exhibition Winner, Exhibition

2003.9 Osaka Shinsaibashi Daimaru

2005.8 Second Prize Exhibition

2006.2-Kyoto Gion Gallery  Nishiri

Since then, almost every year solo shows etc.

2006.4 Kyoto City Art Museum Kansai NIKA Exhibition

2007.3 Original Postcard Book "Gifts of Love-Love songs" published

Pictures, poems, story books, sold at national bookstores, Amazon, Rakuten, etc.

2007.11 Wakayama Kintetsu Department Store (two people exhibition)

2008.9 Hotel Oaks Kyoto Shijo

2008.11 Musée des Collection Prives in Paris, France

2009.6 University of Tennessee, United States Exhibition (Circle exhibitions by the above-mentioned open solicitation judges)

2009.10 Hotel Oaks Kyoto Shijo

2010.11 France Paris International Salon Exhibition Exhibition

2010.11 "Kyoneko Series-Spring of the Kyoto-" exhibited at Rufus Lynn Gallery, Canada

From now on permanent exhibition

2011.5th Ginza, Tokyo Exhibition Exhibition

 2012.1 Muko-City, Kyoto Prefecture Books & Cafe Wonderland

.2 Tokyo Ueno no Mori Art Museum 17th Japanese Art Exhibition-National Selected Artists Exhibition-

.8 Osaka Osaka City Art Museum 34th IFA International Art Association Open Call Exhibition

.11 France / Paris International Salon (open call exhibition) exhibition

 2013.6 Kyoto Gion Gallery Satoshi Nishiri

Snow EXHIBITION-A gift of sheep-held in the season-

2014.11 Two weeks to Ireland which is the image of the original story "Gift of sheep"

Sketch trip

2015.7 Second time Ireland 2 week sketch trip 

2016.7 Mukado live house second room Kumamoto support solo exhibition held Kyoto

2016.8-9 Muko-City Kyoto Prefecture Terado Post Office Ireland travel solo exhibition held

2017.3 Osaka Dojima Dojima Sweets Cafe Ireland travel solo exhibition held

2017.4 Muko-City Kyoto Prefecture Terado Post Office Private exhibition held

2017.11-12 Kyoto Muko-City live house second room solo exhibition

2018.12 Korea Seoul Korea Culture and Art Big Exhibition Invited Artists Exhibition

2019.3 New York United Nations Headquarters  Women's Day Memorial Exhibition

2019.4 Korea seoul Asian Art Invitation Exhibition

2019.7 Singapore200th Anniversary  International Women Artists' Truth,Goodness&Beauty Art Exhibition

2019.8 Taipei  Japan,kyoto Great painter Emi Tanaka Solo Exhibition

In addition, a large number of solo exhibitions are held at galleries etc., participation in planning exhibitions, and a large number of exhibits.

As of April 2016, he is currently producing healing art as healing art snowy Tanaka Emi.


☆ Prize history

2001.10 Suita City Exhibition

2005.8 IFA International Art Association Open Call Exhibition Encouragement Prize

2007.11 Japanese Literature Center Poem Award "Jury Special Award"

(From the Postcards Book to the Sheep Gifts-Love songs-)

2010.9 IFA International Art Association Open Call Exhibition Board of Education Award

2012.8 IFA International Art Association Open Call Exhibition Kobe Mayor Award

2019.8 IFA International Art Association Open Call Exhibition Best honor award

2021.8 IFA International Art Association Open Call Exhibition Osaka Governor's Award

and more..


☆ Main activities currently

As healing art snowy Tanaka Emi

Produced paintings, illustrations, poems and stories, etc., presented in Japan and abroad

In addition, we carry out color therapy, color advice mainly in Kyoto

(For details, click here → http://snowy0916.jimdo.com)

Incorporating ideas such as color therapy, the motif and coloration of the work, healing and bright feelings


We produce and sell works that can be delivered (http://www.creema.jp/creator/234).

What's New


M.A.D.S. ART GALLERY | artist. | Emi - Healing Art Snowy

M.A.D.S. ART GALLERY | artwork. | Flying Heart

M.A.D.S. ART GALLERY | artwork. | Flower blooming in space

M.A.D.S. ART GALLERY | artwork. | To the future of hope - Let’s go together


2021.9.9〜9.24 ただいまイタリアとスペインにて同時開催される国際現代美術展『D.E.M.O』に出品中です。

Each color has a wavelength, which affects our mind and body.  I create works that incorporate the effects of color in order for us to live healthy and rich.  And the theme of my work is always love and peace.
 By drawing a presence that lives happily in own way, I hope that people who see my work regain their pride and love themselves.
 For example, my work, "flower blooming in space",is drawn as a flower in which each other of the sparkling stars in the space is blooming.
 Even in a thick clouded sky or a windy stormy night, there is always a shining star beyond that cloud.
 In a dialogue between Daisaku Ikeda, the founder of Soka University where I am currently studying social acupuncturist, and French art historian René Yuig, there is a sentence in the following text:  .
” I believe that the dawn of life will come as long as the heart has a light of hope.”
 I want to express my world in my own way and to share the world in which all people live happily in their own way with all the people in the world through my work.